Party Mountain Paper Co.

Office Tote Bag


Tote around all your tote-ally awesome stuff in this canvas bag cutie!

This XXL bag is the perfect size for all your shopping trips and can hold up to 25kg (55lb). Measures 15.75" x 7.85" x 13.80" (height side & bottom x width)

Tote details:

• Fairtrade Certified & GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified

• 12 oz. cotton canvas

• Two set of handles for multiple ways to wear

• Printed in Toronto, Canada

NOTE*** Totes are screen printed & due to this process some small imperfections may be present on the front or back of tote. Product may differ slightly in appearance and colour depending on the batch. We try to inspect each individual tote as best of we can but some small smudging may be visible.