Hey there!

We specialize in witty, thoughtful and colourful cards and goods that'll keep you laughing!

We're a small but mighty team of three located in Hamilton, Ontario. We're passionate about creating quality goods & gifts for everyone. Inspired by pop culture, nostalgia, and retro design - we're all about making those special milestones unforgettable.



Hi I'm Margaret! Head of Design here at Party Mountain Paper co. I founded Party Mountain after finishing my Bachelors of Fine Arts in 2017 & not really knowing what to do next. I decided to put the silly illustrated cards I gave my friends on the internet - now here we are still going strong! When I'm not drawing you can find me cuddling with our 2 year old cat Simon, hitting the local thrift shops or picking up a new hobby for 1-2 weeks before abandoning it completely.



Connor joined Party Mountain fulltime in 2020 - after years of dedicated but free labour helping his girlfriend Margaret and her successful but very overwhelming business. He's a wiz at spreadsheets and can fold cards at a record-breaking pace. He uses his background in sales & marketing to manage our day-to-day business as well as outreach & customer service. When he's not at the office you can find him golfing in the warm months or snowboarding in the cold ones and always with our senior cat Remy who never leaves his side at home.



Mandy is the latest addition to our small but mighty team! She recently moved back to Ontario after living in Eastern Canada for over 4 years. She has a background in the hospitality industry (fun fact: all 3 of us met and became best friends working at Boston Pizza!). When she's not working you can find her snuggled up with her cats Midna and Zelda, reading the latest thriller with a glass of wine.

Kat Timmins is the lovely gal responsible for the beautiful photography throughout our site and our social media manager.

She is a Vancouver-based photographer & content creator - check out her work here.

We're also obsessed with her dog Dolly (@dollythepomchi2021) 🐕 💖